Haarentfernung Männer Behaarter Männerfuß an dem geharzt wird

Professional hair removal for men

with first-class resins from Italy.  

Highly trained staff who have mastered the techniques will inspire you.

Intensive training, many years of experience and products of the highest quality from Italy, the country where unwanted hair, whether for men or women, is an absolute no-go.

We give you the secure feeling that you are in the best “hands” with us.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I go out in the sun after waxing?

No. We recommend that you intelligently protect yourself from the sun after waxing. Intelligent sun protection means mechanical sun protection, e.g. in the form of a mineral powder that cannot trigger allergies or irritations.

Can skin irritation occur after waxing?

Yes, it can. Many factors play a role in waxing: the consistency of the wax, the texture of the strips, the skill and experience and last but not least the sensitivity of your skin. We do everything we can to prevent skin irritation, but yes irritation can occur. Some skin is simply unsuitable for removing hair in this way. We recommend permanent hair removal.

How long does the hair stay away?

Of course, this varies from person to person. The hair grows back after about 4-6 weeks. However, hairs after waxing feel much finer than the stubble after shaving.

Is this type of hair removal painful?

It depends on the area. You will certainly have a different sensation of pain on your legs than in your genital area.

Do you also do "Brazil" i.e. intimate waxing?

Yes, and we rely on our men to behave like true gentlemen.

Our offers

Eyebrow shaping

     € 15,00

Face (chin, cheeks)

ab € 15,00


ab € 15,00

underarms, upper arms

ab € 25,00

Back or chest

ab € 35,00

Bikini line

ab € 20,00

Intimate zone complete

ab € 40,00

Legs complete

ab € 40,00

Legs from the knee

ab € 25,00

Legs above the knee

ab € 30,00