Dauerhafte Haarentfernung für Männer. Sanft, sicher, preiswert. Sportliche, körperbewusste Männer jeden Alters wollen keine Haare am Körper. Männerbrust ohne Haare

Permanent hair removal men

Gentle, safe, inexpensive. Sporty, body-conscious men of all ages don’t want hair.

Free yourself forever from the torment of annoying hair on all areas of the body where hair is undesirable for you.

The latest generation technology is 100% safe and gentle. With CE medical certification. 

Program e-o was developed by the world market leader in medical flash pulse lamps for depilation treatment and manufactured on the basis of the latest innovations.

You are an athlete, cyclist, footballer, cross fit etc. or you want to finally enjoy the feeling of permanently smooth, hair-free skin for other aesthetic or health reasons – IPL is the perfect solution for you. 

Treat yourself to the wonderful feeling of permanently smooth, hair-free skin.

Mode of action:

The unwanted hair is shaved before the treatment. The light emitted with the flash is absorbed by the melanin, the pigment responsible for hair colour, and converted into heat. The blood vessels supplying the hair root are sclerosed. Since hair is in different stages of growth, several treatments are necessary.

In order to make the treatment as pleasant as possible for you, we approach your individual needs very carefully with 12 safety levels. The duration of an appointment depends on the size of the body area to be treated. Example: Armpit 15 minutes.

Frequently asked questions:

How many treatments do I need?

The hair root is located deep in the dermis. In addition, hairs are in different growth phases and it is not possible to see on the surface of the skin which growth or fall-out phase the hair is currently in. This question cannot be seriously addressed in terms of treatment numbers, but there are guideline values: 200 subjects needed an average of 8-10 treatments for a satisfactory result.

How much interval is recommended between treatments?

6-8  weeks


Does IPL work on every hair and skin colour?

Except for hair that is already grey, i.e. white, IPL works on every hair colour. For moderate to dark skin colour, we use our own filter. With very dark skin, IPL treatment is not possible because the device cannot detect any difference between hair and skin pigments.

However, you can already see how successful the IPL technology is after the first two treatments, because visibly and noticeably less hair grows back in the treated areas.

Will I become sensitive to light after an IPL treatment?

No. IPL treatments are possible at any time of the year. You can safely continue your treatments even if you are exposed to the sun.


Is the treatment painful?

In very sensitive areas, such as the genital area, you may feel a brief tingling sensation. However, it depends very much on the respective pain sensation. With the intensity setting, however, we can approach your individual sensation very carefully.

Why do we talk about smooth skin?

When hair stops growing, the pores of the skin become fine and the complexion smooth and free of inflammation.

Will the hair stay gone forever?

Wherever the hair supply has been sclerosed, no hair will grow back. Due to hormonal reasons, “new” hairs (dormant hairs) may grow back, therefore we recommend repeating the treatment 1-2 times a year.

Is the treatment harmful to the skin?

No. The flash only affects the pigments of the hair.

Do you also do this treatment in the intimate area for men?

Of course. Because we have never had an unpleasant experience in all these years and we assume that our customers are gentlemen.

How much does a treatment cost?

See our price list here. The price results from the actual number of flashes we need for your desired body zone. This explains the “starting prices”.

Our offers:


ab EUR 95,00


ab EUR 70,00


ab EUR 70,00


ab EUR 80,00

Armpit 2x

ab EUR 45,00

Forearm 2x

ab EUR 55,00

Upper arm 2x

ab EUR 50,00

Arm complete 2x

ab EUR 75,00

Bikini line partially

ab EUR 50,00

Intimate zone complete

ab EUR 80,00

Lower leg 2x

ab EUR 120,00

Thigh 2x

ab EUR 120,00

Whole leg 2x

ab EUR 240,00


ab EUR 18,00

For follow-up treatment, 1 to 2 applications per year are recommended.