Overwater massage

Overwater massage with our Well system™ Medical-Plus

Painful muscles are loosened and tensions are released thanks to the unique combination of water, heat, and power. The heat radiates into deep tissue layers and promotes blood circulation. The gentle force of the water noticeably loosens the muscles, releases tension and activates the metabolism. Pleasant, temperature-controlled water bubbles onto the underside of a natural rubber lying surface in arching, even movements and massages your body from head to toe. The circulation is not strained, and you do not sweat. You do not have to undress to experience the beneficial effect. You can enjoy your treatment in any clothes, without extensive preparation or showering afterwards.

Thomas (a customer) tells us: On my stay at the spa, I got to know this incredibly relaxing overwater massage and was prescribed it by the spa doctor. Luckily, I got the hint that Pulchris at Stephansplatz offers exactly this medical overwater massage. At least once a week, I allow myself 30 minutes. My tension and back pain have improved significantly. I can go during my lunch break or after the office. You don’t have to undress – you can lie down in your business outfit on the bed preheated to 37°, choose the settings you need for your back, buttocks, or legs and relax. And the pros will explain to you in detail how this works”.

Choose the duration of your deep relaxation

20 – 45 minutes                   

per min. €1,00