Junge Frau liegt auf ihren schön manikürten Händen und wird an der Schulter massiert

Massage – allow yourself a little time out from everyday life

Delightful fragrances, nourishing oils, but also intensive active ingredients let you forget the world around you for a while. 

Touch and attention to your body is especially beneficial and uplifting in a time of social distance. If there are many things we cannot do at the moment, we can, indeed must, take particularly good care of ourselves. 

First-class trained masseuses sensitively address the needs of your body and muscles.

Let us know what intensity, what pressure you would like to have. 

Free 5+1 with package payment 

Relax full body massage, 60 min

EUR 70,00

Modellage – cellulite massage, 60 min

EUR 70,00

Partial body massage, 30 Min


EUR 30,00

Aromatherapy massage, 60 min

EUR 80,00

Ayurvedic massage, 60 min

EUR 80,00

To achieve a noticeable effect, we recommend 2 treatments per week.

If you book 5 massages and pay as a package, we may invite you to the 6th massage as a thank you.

Please also note our offer for the: