Maniküre für Männer. Eine Frauenhand feilt die Fingernägel einer Männerhand

Manicure for men

Well-groomed men’s hands are simply sexy and stylish.

Hands speak volumes

Did you know, gentlemen, that a woman’s first glance is at your hands? With the right advice and sensible care, your hands can always be well-groomed, healthy and beautiful. Beautiful hands and well-groomed natural nails lend expression to your gestures and personality.

Hands in times of Corona: 

Especially during this challenging time, with frequent hand washing and disinfections, it is especially important that the skin on your hands is healthy, but most importantly, that there are no open sores or wounds.

Frequently asked questions:

I have a split nail where I always get stuck. Can you do something about it?

Yes, of course, this is one of our “specialities”.  We can cover your split nail with gel to make it invisible and natural looking. This protects your nail bed and ensures that you are no longer restricted in your work.

Especially in winter I have painful cracks on my fingertips, why is that?

We should find out where you get these cracks from. (Working in the cold, hands often in water, much contact with disinfection, etc.). The best protection would be your own natural nail, which easily grows over the fingertip – we help you get a beautiful, healthy nail bed without cracked fingertips.

I have noticed that my nail bed is getting shorter and flatter. Why is that?

Also and especially men like well-groomed hands and sometimes they scrub them with a brush and clean the edge of the nail with sharp objects. With these cleanings you also remove the so-called hyponychium. A fine membrane that ensures that the natural nail adheres nicely to the nail bed and that no dirt can penetrate between the nail bed and the nail plate. Over time, you brush the nail bed shorter and shorter, so to speak. As a result, the natural nail becomes unstable, tears more easily or breaks off more quickly. Thus the fingertip loses its natural protection – the claw. The fingertip gets painful cracks.

I have calluses in the palms of my hands. Can you do anything about this?

In sports such as climbing, cross fit etc. where you use your hands a lot, these hardenings can occur, which have an important protective function. Very carefully, we can work on these hardenings with special milling attachments so that your body does not build up even more protection. Less is more in this case and do it regularly.

Reach out your hands to us.

Business Men – Manicure

Aroma peeling, relaxing hand bath, cuticle care, nail shortening and filing into the right shape for you, care stick for your cuticles, nail plate sealing and if you wish we polish your nails from matt to high gloss. Finally, we will pamper you with a relaxing hand massage with our rich, soothing hand mask.

EUR 40,00

Treatment for split nails

Preparation of the nail plate, coating with our Pulchris reinforcing gel, polishing and sealing.

EUR  10,00