Wimpernlifting und Augenpflege

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and your eyes begin to shine​

Long curved eyelashes have always been an ideal of beauty 

The first look at a face almost automatically goes to the eyes. They tell us a lot about our counterpart at a glance. Therefore, bright eyes framed by beautiful eyelashes and well-groomed eyebrows have a special significance for a woman’s attractiveness.

The eyelash lift works like a perm for the eyelashes.  In the process, your own eyelash hairs are shaped using the most modern, gentle cosmetic products to create a beautiful curl for the eyelashes and an elegant, well-groomed shape for the eyebrows.

A great way to use your naturalness to give your eyes and face a beautiful, well-groomed look. 

Gentle on your skin, eyes and eyelashes and brow hairs.

Our offers:

Eyelash Lifting inkl colouring   € 55,00 ​

Eyebrow Lifting  inkl. colouring   € 55,00

Eyelash and Eyebrow Lifting inkl colouring   € 90,00